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Come for the HR. Stay for the Jazz.

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We’re looking forward to a special time at the Louisiana State Conference on Human Resources this year.  We plan to educate, engage and entertain over 400 attendees from across Louisiana – and beyond.  And what better city in which to do so than New Orleans?   Our conference, which takes place April 26th/27th is, as we like to think, the “lead up” to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – more commonly just called “Jazz Fest.”

Laura Wolfe, who will be presenting a session on Friday morning is a long-time and never-miss devotee/attendee at Jazz Fest.  If you plan on hanging in town to go, here are Laura’s suggestions to make it a great experience:

What to bring – your Jazz Fest Equipment List

  • Coozies
  • Baby wipes
  • Umbrellas
  • Sunblock – aerosol is best so your hands don’t have to get all greasy
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Large lightweight scarf or wrap
  • Gum
  • An apple or some carrots (nature’s toothbrush)
  • Hair clip
  • Water and towels in car for afterwards
  • Reading glasses (if you need them)
  • Brass pass or ticket (or you can purchase at the gate)
  • Chairs – the collapsible kind that you carry over your shoulder
  • Old towel or beach towel.  We roll our towel around the chair for transport.
  • Large garbage bag that can be used for rain coverage should it rain.  The bag our chairs go in has a little pocket on the outside where we put this
  • Print out of the schedule for the day, the food list and a map of the fairgrounds
  • Old bag to carry stuff in that you don’t mind getting dirty, wet or possibly lost
  • Lots of cash.  Food vendors do not take credit cards.  A lot of the artisans will take credit cards but sometimes the systems get overwhelmed and it can take a long time to get a cc transaction to go through.  For the 2 of us, including the admission fee, we take about $300
  • Cell phone – know how to text because that is usually all that works.

We put all our supplies in the bag but not money/ID/valuables.  When we get to the fest we set up our chairs on the right side of the Acura stage and leave the bag.  This is our home base.  From there we walk around.  I take a small travel bag with my ID, money, phone, sunglasses etc. that I always keep with me.

You want to be prepared for the elements – sun, heat, rain. I usually dress pretty bare in cool clothes but take a wrap in case it gets cool or I’m getting too much sun.  Wear shoes that you are comfortable wearing into a portalet.  The fest is on a race track and if there is any rain around the time of the festival it will be muddy (which is about 95% of the time).  I wear chackos or birkenstock sandals or old tennis shoes.  The fest involves a LOT of walking.


So come for HR goodness – and stay for the jazz!

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