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Meet the #LASHRM12 Speakers – Dr. Tina Thomas

I hope people who are considering coming to my presentation trust that it will be a lively, fun and entertaining presentation. I guarantee you will have at least one “Wow!” moment that will make attending worth your time.

Years ago I happened upon a personality system that was so precise and predictive that I knew it had to have a biological basis. Over the years I intensively researched personality and believe that I have now cracked the code! The code is simple enough to understand and basically comes down to 3 main chemicals in your brain. Understanding how these 3 main chemicals can affect you and very importantly, how you can affect them can have a huge impact in your personal and business life.


Understanding personality from the inside out, that is, from a biological basis has many implications. I have recently taken a survey and these are the top 10 benefits that my individual and corporate clients say they experienced by understanding the biological basis of personality:

1)    Greater inner peace and compassion for oneself and others

2)    No longer get upset in traffic

3)    No longer upset with customers and coworkers

4)    Improved sales

5)    Personal relationships are healthier and happier; better at parenting

6)    Overall happier with life

7)    Able to motivate meet and others more easily

8)    Making better food choices

9)    Feeling more satisfied at home and in the workplace

10)  Less confused by people and their actions

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Tina Thomas who will be presenting a session at the Louisiana SHRM State Conference on Thursday, April 26th. “Dr. T.” is a biopsychologist, an author, and a 30 year expert in the field of understanding personality and human potential. Her message is simple: “Once you understand the simple biological basis of personality you will never look at yourself or others in the same way again! Understanding personality this way helps you to understand what motivates you and others. You will also learn how to be at peace with yourself. In addition to improving your ability to communicate this knowledge also creates compassion and peace in any relationship or interaction you have ever had, have now or will have in the future!”  Check out Dr. T.’s blog.

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Meet the #LASHRM12 Speakers – Daniel Crosby

The fabulous Daniel Crosby will be joining us New Orleans where he will presenting a session on Thursday called “Changing Change.”  Daniel is founder of IncBlot Organizational Psychology, a management consultancy headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. IncBlot is comprised of a team of organizational psychologists with expertise in helping business select exceptional people, perfect their existing talent base through coaching and training, and persuade through leveraging behavioral science. He’s a Huntsville native schooled at Brigham Young and Emory Universities.

A few more cool things – Dr. Crosby is a featured contributor for (over at MonsterThinking) and the Huntsville Times as well as a performance psychologist for Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (USA! USA!)

Not that long ago, Dr. Daniel (as we like to call him) took part in the TEDx Huntsville festivities where he was one of the speakers. His presentation revolved around seven hard truths that, if embraced and moved beyond, can lead to a better life.  Check it out !

And make sure to follow him on Twitter; he always has some interesting stuff to say…

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Meet the #LASHRM12 Speakers – Craig Juengling

Today’s guest post is by Craig Juengling who will be presenting a session on Thursday April 26th entitled “Becoming the Employer of Choice.”


Become the Employer of Choice – Focus on Employee Engagement!

What would you do with 5 to 10 extra hours in your work week, every week? Could you use it to finally finish off those projects that never seem to get done? Or, would you become the proactive leader that drives bottom line results and begins to implement your vision for what your work world could be… and finally stop the reactive circus that consumes your regular day.

The average manager spends about 18% of their day managing employees. That’s everything from hiring, firing, managing the petty conflicts but also the good stuff that comes with being a manager.  But would your performance skyrocket by cutting that 18% in half? What if your turnover dropped by nearly 50%? What if your absenteeism ratcheted down by 37%? What if the time you spent investigating and solving safety incidents declined because incidents declined by 49%? I bet you’d have a whole lot more time in your day. All of these positive outcomes can occur with the results that come from a focus on creating a highly engaged workforce!*

Employee engagement is very different from employee satisfaction. Satisfaction is a left brain rational thought process that focuses on issues like pay equity, workplace conditions, fairness of the boss and the performance review methods. It is very much a “head” thing.  Employee engagement is when you have your employee’s heart… you have made an emotional connection with the employee, their values are aligned with the company’s and they see their success being inextricably intertwined with the success of the employer.  The outcomes from engaged employees are vastly different from satisfied employees. The examples in the second paragraph are just a beginning… the engaged employee’s contributions are beyond production, they volunteer for countless projects and squelch the negativity of the naysayers.

The path to creating engaged employees is long, but amazingly inexpensive. It’s not about wooden clocks, gold watches or expensive retreats. It’s about understanding the “drivers of engagement” and how to bring them alive at your company. It’s about doing a real employee engagement survey (not a satisfaction survey) and holding yourself and managers accountable for following through on the opportunities for improvement. It’s about consistency because going from good to great takes time. It’s about understanding the tactics that demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being.

The role of leadership is crucial to creating a highly engaged workforce.  Personal buy-in AND involvement is non-negotiable; creating the vision of what the engaged workplace looks like and the employees’ role in getting there must be articulated frequently and completely. Every manager, supervisor and leader must be on the same page and speak to engagement with one voice.

Wouldn’t you love to come to work because you love where you work? How about the rest of your folks?

Over the next 15 years, 80 million baby boomers may retire, changing the demographics of your workforce forever. With nearly 35% of the workforce potentially retiring, the war for talent will become absolutely fierce. Employee engagement represents that game – changing opportunity to get out front of the competition and transform your work world.

*Research from Gallup Consulting and 12 The Elements of Great Managing by Rodd Wagner and Dr. James Harter.


Craig Juengling’s session is guaranteed to get you thinking about Employee Engagement and putting some plans into action.  At the age of 29 Craig was already running his first hospital and by the time he left that company 7 years later he was responsible for 11 hospitals in 7 states.  He then proceeded, over the course of 10 years, to build Maryland’s second largest specialty hospital system.  Today, Craig is a Professional and Executive Coach with an MBA from LSU where he also serves on the faculty of LSU’s Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute Executive Education Program.  You can follow Craig on Twitter and find him blogging and sharing insight at The E2 Coach.


Top 10 Reasons to come to #LASHRM12

With anticipated attendance of 400-or-so HR professionals, there are probably 400-or-so reasons why HR folks will be coming from every corner of the state (and beyond) to the 2012 Louisiana SHRM State Conference.  But I think there are probably a few reasons we can all agree on:

1.  The conference is being held in New Orleans for the first time in about 10 years.  And even if you’re from Louisiana (or even New Orleans for that matter) it’s hard to deny that this uniquely Louisiana city has a flavor all it’s own – the ideal setting for conferences, meetings and gatherings of any sort.  Who doesn’t want to have a perfectly good excuse to tell one’s spouse, kids or significant other “but I had to spend the night carousing in the Quarter; my fellow SHRMies insisted!”

2.  There may be beads.  See Reason #1.

3.  You can go home and take great satisfaction in earning up to 11.25 HRCI recertification credits which you can enter to your online profile.  Rest easy my friends; you’re well on your way to recertifying without having to retest.

4.  You can get your HR fill of new ideas and new knowledge.  This year’s speakers will educate, engage and inspire – that’s a fact.

5.  You can hang out with our friend Bill Boorman who is traveling all the way from London to present a session.  Just wait until we see what sort of hat he wears and what sort of witty slogans he sports on his tshirts.

6.  Extra points may be awarded for the nice HR Lady/Gentleman who pulls an all nighter on Thursday and wraps up their evening at Krystal Burger at 5 AM.

7.  The CEOs of two iconic Louisiana brands will be speaking at Thursday afternoon’s general session – Hugh Weber with the Hornets may provide us with the scoop on the NBA lock-out kerfuffle and Rose Hudson with the Louisiana Lottery Corporation may be able to provide us with the winning lottery numbers.  Well, we can all dream – can’t we?

8.  The conference venue is home to Drago’s and is conveniently located across the street from Harrah’s.  This means you can have some delicious charbroiled oysters and then walk across the street to spend several mindless hours playing Jack’s or Better.

9.  You can truthfully shout “Author! Author!” during both the Thursday opening general session and the Friday afternoon closing general session.  The fabulous duo of Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen (“Talent Anarchy“) who open the conference just had their first book released.  And Scott Eblin will let all of us know how we can take it to The Next Level.

10.  There may be beads.  See #1.

So come and join us.  I know I’ll be there.  And sleep can come on the weekend (see #6).


Today’s post is by Robin Schooling, SPHR, who is a Vice President of HR in Baton Rouge.  She blogs at HR Schoolhouse and you can also find her hanging out at Women of HR and SHRM’s We Know Next blog.  Robin serves on the LASHRM State Conference Committee so does have a bit of skin-in-the-game for the success of the conference.  Follow her on the twitter too; she tries, for the most part, to keep it suitable for workShe also begs everyone to take off their conference badge before hitting Bourbon Street.

** badge photo courtesy of Fistful of Talent