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Top 10 Reasons to come to #LASHRM12


With anticipated attendance of 400-or-so HR professionals, there are probably 400-or-so reasons why HR folks will be coming from every corner of the state (and beyond) to the 2012 Louisiana SHRM State Conference.  But I think there are probably a few reasons we can all agree on:

1.  The conference is being held in New Orleans for the first time in about 10 years.  And even if you’re from Louisiana (or even New Orleans for that matter) it’s hard to deny that this uniquely Louisiana city has a flavor all it’s own – the ideal setting for conferences, meetings and gatherings of any sort.  Who doesn’t want to have a perfectly good excuse to tell one’s spouse, kids or significant other “but I had to spend the night carousing in the Quarter; my fellow SHRMies insisted!”

2.  There may be beads.  See Reason #1.

3.  You can go home and take great satisfaction in earning up to 11.25 HRCI recertification credits which you can enter to your online profile.  Rest easy my friends; you’re well on your way to recertifying without having to retest.

4.  You can get your HR fill of new ideas and new knowledge.  This year’s speakers will educate, engage and inspire – that’s a fact.

5.  You can hang out with our friend Bill Boorman who is traveling all the way from London to present a session.  Just wait until we see what sort of hat he wears and what sort of witty slogans he sports on his tshirts.

6.  Extra points may be awarded for the nice HR Lady/Gentleman who pulls an all nighter on Thursday and wraps up their evening at Krystal Burger at 5 AM.

7.  The CEOs of two iconic Louisiana brands will be speaking at Thursday afternoon’s general session – Hugh Weber with the Hornets may provide us with the scoop on the NBA lock-out kerfuffle and Rose Hudson with the Louisiana Lottery Corporation may be able to provide us with the winning lottery numbers.  Well, we can all dream – can’t we?

8.  The conference venue is home to Drago’s and is conveniently located across the street from Harrah’s.  This means you can have some delicious charbroiled oysters and then walk across the street to spend several mindless hours playing Jack’s or Better.

9.  You can truthfully shout “Author! Author!” during both the Thursday opening general session and the Friday afternoon closing general session.  The fabulous duo of Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen (“Talent Anarchy“) who open the conference just had their first book released.  And Scott Eblin will let all of us know how we can take it to The Next Level.

10.  There may be beads.  See #1.

So come and join us.  I know I’ll be there.  And sleep can come on the weekend (see #6).


Today’s post is by Robin Schooling, SPHR, who is a Vice President of HR in Baton Rouge.  She blogs at HR Schoolhouse and you can also find her hanging out at Women of HR and SHRM’s We Know Next blog.  Robin serves on the LASHRM State Conference Committee so does have a bit of skin-in-the-game for the success of the conference.  Follow her on the twitter too; she tries, for the most part, to keep it suitable for workShe also begs everyone to take off their conference badge before hitting Bourbon Street.

** badge photo courtesy of Fistful of Talent

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to come to #LASHRM12

  1. I can’t wait to network with 400 HR pros that speak my language. Woowho!

  2. This is going to be an awesome LASHRM conference. I am looking forward to all the speakers. What a great line-up we have this year. And of course, the ambiance of New Orleans. What could be better?

  3. Thursday nights social is going to be a blast! After a long day of learning, meeting and tweeting.

  4. Wow! Love the speaker topics,
    Can’t wait to meet up with everyone1

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