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Meet the #LASHRM12 Speakers – Dr. Tina Thomas

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I hope people who are considering coming to my presentation trust that it will be a lively, fun and entertaining presentation. I guarantee you will have at least one “Wow!” moment that will make attending worth your time.

Years ago I happened upon a personality system that was so precise and predictive that I knew it had to have a biological basis. Over the years I intensively researched personality and believe that I have now cracked the code! The code is simple enough to understand and basically comes down to 3 main chemicals in your brain. Understanding how these 3 main chemicals can affect you and very importantly, how you can affect them can have a huge impact in your personal and business life.


Understanding personality from the inside out, that is, from a biological basis has many implications. I have recently taken a survey and these are the top 10 benefits that my individual and corporate clients say they experienced by understanding the biological basis of personality:

1)    Greater inner peace and compassion for oneself and others

2)    No longer get upset in traffic

3)    No longer upset with customers and coworkers

4)    Improved sales

5)    Personal relationships are healthier and happier; better at parenting

6)    Overall happier with life

7)    Able to motivate meet and others more easily

8)    Making better food choices

9)    Feeling more satisfied at home and in the workplace

10)  Less confused by people and their actions

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Tina Thomas who will be presenting a session at the Louisiana SHRM State Conference on Thursday, April 26th. “Dr. T.” is a biopsychologist, an author, and a 30 year expert in the field of understanding personality and human potential. Her message is simple: “Once you understand the simple biological basis of personality you will never look at yourself or others in the same way again! Understanding personality this way helps you to understand what motivates you and others. You will also learn how to be at peace with yourself. In addition to improving your ability to communicate this knowledge also creates compassion and peace in any relationship or interaction you have ever had, have now or will have in the future!”  Check out Dr. T.’s blog.

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