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Why I’m Going to #LASHRM12 – Opportunities

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Why am I going to #LASHRM12? My first thought was it’s an amazing “excuse” for a northerner to get down to party town…but what really happens is much better.  An HR employee requests to be out of the office for a professional development, work related conference…and then receives recognition for the fantastic take aways upon return (reminder to self – take notes during seminars). My personal ‘whys’ or WIIFM can’t be ranked so read them in any order that works for you:

  • It’s New Orleans! We get this chance to gather there less frequently than leap year extra days (or so it seems)·        
  • I get to see, and spend Quality Time with, my SHRMies as well as meet soon-to-be-fabulous- new- partners-in-deeds (crime doesn’t seem to fit in our world). People that understand the language and share that quirky sense of humor only SHRMies can.        
  • The uplifting, encouraging boost of “we CAN do it” presentations that we remind us all of the need to revive our LOVE for this work called HR.  It’s what we call our career because we are passionate about ________(fill in the blank).  My “fill in the blank” is ‘helping people’.         
  • The knowledge. Not only the incredible amount of HRCI credits to be gained (that’s just icing on the cupcake) but the need to know new laws and best practices we can implement in our business as soon as we return!·        
  • SHRM meetings, conferences and socials are where I feel at home with like minded, driven, caring and helpful individuals that ‘get it’. SHRMies are my second family; ones I can rely on (and have) in times that cross work/life boundaries.  I’ve found they are always there to lend a hand, an understanding ear, or provide guidance in many situations.

You never know who you will meet or why your paths cross until at some point down the road of life.  You may find yourself sitting back and saying:   “Wow! I’m sure glad I took the time out of the everyday struggle to go and get to know others with similar interests in life.  I’m glad I chose to join National and Local SHRM many years ago. I would not be where I am now without the people I met or the knowledge our national, state and local societies provide through meetings and conferences!”

So just think – the next light bulb moment or person who impacts your life may be at # LASHRM12!

Aww heck, wasn’t I supposed to be focused on a great excuse to go to New Orleans and then just happen to be in town in time for Jazz Fest to start right after the Louisiana SHRM conference ends?! 


Today’s guest post is written by Courtney Young, MA, PHR.  Courtney is a Senior Recruiter with Cisco Systems and is currently the President of the Northeast Louisiana SHRM chapter (NELA SHRM).  You can connect with Courtney on Twitter.

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