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Why I’m going to #LASHRM12 – La Nouvelle-Orléans

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Even before Robin Schooling was awesome enough to ask me to be part of the #LASHRM12 Social Media team, I was making plans to attend the Lousiana State SHRM conference. Now, I’ve been to my share of SHRM conferences and there certainly isn’t a lack state run ones (I hear there are 50 of them in fact!). But once I heard what the conference planners had scheduled, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Never mind that the city of New Orleans is playing host, though that fact alone should get your attention. No need to even discuss all the networking opportunities with local, and not so local, amazing HR peeps. And who doesn’t know about the great opportunities to learn and develop your skills as a professional? Do I even need to go into that? I didn’t think so.

So what about the opportunity to go to #LASHRM12 get me really excited? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s because it’s not your everyday HR Conference. It’s not safe, it’s not typical, and it’s going to challenge your perception of what HR is and could be.

Check out the show schedule. Sure, there is some quality and traditional HR stuff planned. You will earn HRCI credits and leave comfortable knowing you did something meaningful towards your professional development. I bet some HR vendors in the exhibit hall will even be giving way a Coach bag or two. Thank goodness for that too or there might be a riot. A riot of HR ladies, hmmm, that I would pay to see… But I digress.

What makes this conference so atypical is they are willing to do things that a lot of state conferences still aren’t willing to do. It’s not just that they are actively embracing and engaging in social media, though that by itself puts them in the top 10% of HR conferences as far as I’m concerned. It’s that when it comes to speakers and content, they went out of their way to find as many forward thinking, perception shattering, and most importantly, engaging speakers they could get. I challenge you to come out of the conference and not feel inspired to do things better. No, to be a better HR Professional.

So if you are like me and you have come to expect more from an HR Conference, then you have to get yourself down to New Orleans April 26th & 27th. Trust me when I say it’s an easy decision to hang with us in The Big Easy.


Today’s guest post is from Shauna Moerke, PHR – a member of the #LASHRM12 Social Media Team/Blog Squad.  Shauna is an HR professional with a diverse work history, a Master’s degree, and a PHR certification. She is also a huge geek, social media advocate, and infectious giggler. Besides blogging at her own site as the HR Minion, Shauna is a co-founder of the Women of HR site, serves as the current Ringmistress of the Carnival of HR, and is the former co-host of the HR Happy Hour blogtalk radio show.  You can follow her on twitter at @HR_Minion.

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