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Why I’m Going to #LASHRM12 – I’m Coming Home!

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So the ten million dollar question faces me:  Why am I attending #LASHRM12?

Hmm, so many reasons. Can I buy a lifeline?

Not! I don’t need a lifeline to explain why I am super stoked to attend the #LASHRM12 conference. With that, let’s break it down:

–         I am coming back to my home state! I had the great satisfaction of spending a great portion of my life in Shreveport/Bossier/Lake Charles, Louisiana both educationally and professionally and look for every opportunity to get back.

–        I get to reconnect with friends from Shreveport and Baton Rouge, friends that I have met through social media, as well as meet new friends that will continue to push my professional and personal growth

–        Louisiana HR folks rock! Louisianans not only know how to have fun, but they also know how to get things done through innovative, impactful ideas. Thus, the reason why I had to make it a priority this year to attend.


–        Have you seen the conference presenters? If you haven’t, you can check them out at the LASHRM conference page. But I am going to let you in on a secret about the presenters:  the Louisiana SHRM group has put together a fantastic panel of speakers! I know many of the folks that will be presenting and you can expect some great return for your investment.


–        This conference will challenge you. You will be pushed to think outside of your normal comfort zone and the one thing that I ask:  embrace it. The more you open yourself to what these great speakers are challenging you with, the more you will gain.

–        I get to hang with Robin Schooling and Shauna Moerke on the #LASHRM12 Social Media Team providing attendees and non-attendees with conference updates through Twitter and blogging. Stay tuned for some great content.

I could most certainly go on with many more reasons, but I think you are getting the gist of what I am saying – the #LASHRM conference is AWESOME!

April 26th – April 27th is an opportunity for you to get out of your office, hang with great HR folks, learn a little bit, and have fun. If you haven’t registered yet, I suggest you register toot sweet.

On that note, I will see you all in the Big Easy.

P.S. I just found out that Buzz Rooney will be attending. She is cool people. Buzz blogs at her personal blog – The Buzz on HR – and my contribution blog – Performance I Create.


Today’s guest post is by Chris Ponder II, PHR – a human resources professional who has harnessed his human resources knowledge and experience across the casino, retail, and service industries, while pushing the extreme in: talent acquisition, employee engagement, training and development, human resources information systems, employee relations, process development and redesign, performance improvement, project management, and human resources analytics. Chris shares his knowledge and experiences at his blog,  XtremeHR, as well as at the contributor blog he founded,  PerformanceICreate. You can  follow him on Twitter at @ChrisPonder and connect with him via LinkedIn.

One thought on “Why I’m Going to #LASHRM12 – I’m Coming Home!

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