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My First Day at #LASHRM12 = Freakin’ Rocked!

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Day 1 post from Chris Ponder – member of the Louisiana SHRM Social Media Team


Today began the first day of the Louisiana SHRM (#LASHRM12) conference here in New Orleans and as I reflect back on the first day, a lot of thoughts come to mind: exciting, innovative, engaging, refreshing, enlightening, fun, and informative.

So many thoughts come to mind because I can honestly say it has been a while since a conference has offered me an opportunity to think outside of the box around thoughts, work, change, management, leadership, and just the HR practice. This is how good just the first day was!

So you understand a little of what I experienced, let’s break it down:

To kick off the #LASHRM12 conference, Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen of Talent Anarchy presented us with some awesome content on why just having a quantity of people in your social network doesn’t prove valuable. Sure, you probably know most of your friends on Facebook, but how well do you really know them? When was the last time you sat down and had a live conversation with them? Do you take and make the time to develop your network? Just like anything else, you have to dedicate time to get return on your relationships.

Building on this concept of communication and relationships, Daniel Crosby of Incblot Organizational Psychology directed one of the first concurrent sessions I attended – Changing Change. What a title, huh? Changing Change? Daniel flipped the change model on its side and offered the audience some new thinking on what change management should look like.

Wrapping Daniel’s session, we broke for lunch and networking – there are some truly awesome HR folks here!

Next the conference reconvened at the next keynote session – The CEOs View: The Role of the HR Leader. Mary Ellen Slayter moderated a panel of two CEOs here in New Orleans comprised of Rose Hudson, President/CEO of the Louisiana Lottery, and Hugh Weber, President of the New Orleans Hornets, discussing their thoughts on HR in the organization. Can I just say Robin Schooling is very lucky to be working with Rose Hudson (this woman rocks it!). There is so much that I can and will be discussing regarding this session over the coming days, but my one teaser for you: these CEOs get business, HR, and their people. They understand and know their people at the top and the bottom.

Jazzed, excited, and pumped up, I moved on to my next session with Joe Gerstandt of Talent Anarchy. Joe gave the audience a fantastic lesson on diversity and diversity of thought. Many people when they hear diversity, simply think about people. But it isn’t just about people. It is also about how we think, assumptions we make, and how to break those assumptions and thinking to remain open to learn, meet new people, change practices, and drive growth!

To wrap up the day, I attended my last concurrent session with Bill Boorman. If you do not know Bill, take some time to get to know him and what he is about. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience he has to share. Bill provided me with some great conversation into the global space of recruiting, talent, HR, and branding.

All of this was just in day one of the #LASHRM12 conference. I am super stoked to see what day two brings. Now I know this isn’t your typical first blog post of a conference, as I just left you with some teasers of information, but that is the way I wanted it because over the next week I will be giving a break down of all the great information gathered. You just have to stay tuned!

Let us know what you think!

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