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Recaps, Conversations and Light Bulb Moments

It’s been close to a month since the Louisiana SHRM State Conference came to a successful conclusion and in the last few weeks there has been some more online content generated.  Check out a few more blog posts:

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 2) – by Christine Assaf

Creating a Culture of “We” – An Engaging Conversation from #LASHRM12 – by Chris Ponder

Light Bulb Moments from New Orleans – #LASHRM – by Bill Boorman

We also captured some fantastic video interviews/testimonials with speakers and attendees.  Check them out here.

What a great conference we had!  You surely want to get in on the learning and the excitement next year, don’t you?  So make plans to join us in April 2013 in Baton Rouge!

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The Final News from #LASHRM12 – from the Social Media Trenches

The Louisiana SHRM State Conference on Human Resources is in the record books – highest attendance in years, lots of social engagement, packed session rooms and a lively Exhibit Hall/HR Solutions Center. We were fortunate to have a group of speakers and attendees who kept the twitter stream very active (#lashrm12 and #lashrm) who also wrote a number of blog posts before, during and after the conference.  In case you missed the conversations, you can find a number of them here:

From Chris Ponder at Performance I Create:

My First Day at #LASHRM12 = Freakin’ Rocked

My Second Day at #LASHRM12 – Handstands and Swag

From Buzz Rooney at The Buzz on HR

What I Learned at LASHRM 2012

More of What I Learned at LASHRM 2012

From Robin Schooling at HR Schoolhouse

Where One World Ends Another Begins

Gravity with a bit of HR Gravitas

From Shauna Moerke at HR Minion

LASHRM:  A Non Stop Good Time

From Bill Boorman at The Recruiting Unblog

Anarchy in the USA (Liveblog)

On the Couch with Dr. Dan (Liveblog)

HR:  The CEO’sView (Liveblog)

HR Influencing the 5% with @incentintel (Liveblog)

The Next Level with @ScottEblin (Liveblog)

Sunday Shout Out: @WilliamTincup – Community Freak

Cool Social Recruiting Tools with @Fishdogs

From Christine Assaf at HR Tact

Louisiana SHRM Conference 2012: Recap (Day 1)

From Dwane Lay at Lean HR Blog

OK and LASHRM Reflections