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2014 Louisiana SHRM Leadership and Membership Summit

85 Professional and Student leaders from across the state of Louisiana will meet this week in beautiful Lake Charles. There will be fun, surprises and a little knowledge sharing.  At the end we hope to be even better leaders in the HR profession and in support of the HR professional.  We will also discover the well kept secret of the theme for the 2015 Conference on HR to be held April 9-10 at the Cajundome in Lafayette. Care to make a guess?

Peaked your interest….? Check back soon for the release of the Louisiana Society for Human Resource Managements 2015 initiatives and the theme with some fab keynoters to boot.


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Keep Calm – Social Media is Just Like Real Life #lashrm13

keep-calm-and-tweet-onToday’s guest post is from Janine Truitt who will be attending the Louisiana SHRM State Conference as a member of the Social Media Team. Janine’s career spans eight years in HR and Recruitment and she is best known for her blog “The Aristocracy of HR” (TAOHR) where she discusses Talent Management triumphs, blunders, and best practices.  You can follow Janine on twitter at @CzarinaofHR.


I’m not sure where these countless “Keep Calm” messages keep emanating from but they are catchy and redundant. The catchy reason is why I decided to use it as a title. The other reason is it drives an important message I want to send to my fellow HR colleagues.

Dear HR Professional:

I want you to know that you can calm down. Social Media is just like real life only digital. There are altruists. There are pessimists. There are the people that won’t be caught dead engaging with you if you’re not part of their clique so guess what they do they contact you behind the scenes rather than engage with you openly for all to see. It’s like the jock that secretly has a love for all things nerdy and meets their nerd friend in an alley to read Moby Dick after school, but shoves and ignores the nerd while in school. I guess it is better to engage in private than not at all, because there are those that won’t give you the time of day ever. Can we say narcissism?

In any event, the same challenges and joys of engaging with people in real life exist in the social media space. People are no different in social media than in real life, they just favor social engagement of the digital kind.

Weird. Maybe.

If you asked someone ten years ago if they could imagine spending more time in front of a computer speaking to other people than their real-life colleagues, they would probably think you needed your head checked. Yes, there was My Space and the beginnings of social media but nothing like what it is today. According to a Huffington Post article authored by Sam Fiorella, “the total time spent engaging on social media sites is up to 37% as of July 2012.” It might seem strange to an HR professional that hasn’t already taken the social plunge that there would be such meaningful and profound opportunities to learn, engage, and collaborate via social media. The unfortunate reality for that individual is that they are increasingly the strange one for not taking advantage of something that is vastly becoming a business imperative. Newsflash: social media is no longer a trendy or a fleeting thing. Social Media is an ecosystem of active job seekers, passive job seekers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, professionals from every industry just looking to be a signal in the noise etc.

The moral of the story is: HR professionals may not see the need to be on a social network for personal reasons, but they should at least be willing to see the benefit in utilizing it for professional and business purposes. It is not a one size fits all sort of thing. Like most things in life and business, you should utilize the tools that provide the best return on investment. That is-don’t do social media for the sake of doing it. Be intentional about your reasons and what is best suited for your customer base.  At least now, as you rethink your position on social media, you can breathe easier knowing that there are no unicorns or mystical characters in this space. It is the same ol’ same and you know what that entails so keep calm and take the plunge.

If you need support, consider coming to Louisiana SHRM State Conference  from April 7-9 to get some tips from the social media team on how to get started.


image courtesy of Kelly Lux

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Am I Receiving You? #lashrm13

receiving(today’s post is by Doug Shaw who, as you will read, is quite excited about journeying to Louisiana and speaking at the upcoming SHRM State Conference).


We’re less than three months away from the Louisiana State HR Conference and I don’t know about you, but I am already really excited about it. As well as being a chance to hear from a host of top drawer speaking talent, it will be my first visit to your lovely state since I passed briefly through Shreveport in 1986 on a bus from Denver to Miami. What had I been doing in Denver? Watching the Broncos beat the Redskins 31 to 30, courtesy of some fine quarterback action from John Elway, and a missed field goal by Redskins place kicker Max Zendejas. I’m looking forward to traveling the 7,500 kilometres from my home here in London England to see you in Baton Rouge.

If you are planning on joining in with my session on Building Social HR Leadership it would be a pleasure to see you there. What would be even better though, would be if you will engage with me now, or at some point before the event, to tell me what you think you’d like to learn with me? What does social media have to do with leadership? How can we use it to make a difference for us, our profession, our colleagues and our customers? I have loads of ideas I’m happy to share – and what I’d really like to do is create value for you by understanding your needs beforehand. If you would like to get in touch I would love to hear from you by email, or via my website or Twitter – whatever suits you best.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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Why I’m Going to #LASHRM12 – Collaboration

I admit it.  I’m an info junkie.  When I’m handed a book or a magazine I’ll likely lose myself in it for a few hours.  My Google reader overflows with 100s and 100s of subscriptions.  I devour news articles like a hungry man just back from a 24 hour fast.  I consume content and want to read, hear, know and ultimately understand and use that new information and knowledge.

I also admit I’m somewhat of an HR conference geek and attend as many conferences as possible; I’ve even been known to use personal time and funds to attend some over the years.  Yet I’m also fortunate to work for an organization where we live values that reflect our desire for continued Excellence by supporting and encouraging continuous learning and development.  We have an understanding that allowing people to continue to develop and refine their individual professional capabilities returns incredible value to the entire organization.

So putting these two things together it seems pretty much a natural fit that I would make every effort to attend the LASHRM State Conference. But for me, the actual conference itself is just one piece of the larger pie.  Oh sure, I come home with updates and information that I use as reference years later – just the other day I pulled out some 2011 session notes for reference when thinking through a situation/scenario at work.  But the greatest return, for me, is the ongoing collaboration that results from my attendance at any conference.

Yes.  Collaboration.

Defined as working together to achieve a common goal, collaboration is often more creative in nature and, dare I say, a bit more organic, than the typical “inside-our-companies” process.  A collaborative venture may involve just a few people, or a larger group, who work together to share knowledge, learn together and build consensus.  But just as happens “inside-our-companies,” as an outgrowth of the conference experience, we have the opportunity to share/coordinate a variety of ideas from numerous people thus further generating an ever-expanding array of knowledge for ourselves as HR professionals.

What happens, quite naturally, at the LASHRM Conference is that I make connections with people.  I have conversations, I mingle and network and interact with both the speakers and with my fellow HR professionals from across the state.  But I don’t leave those relationships at the doors of the conference venue – I take them home with me.  And what occurs is I begin to collaborate with those people.  If I see or meet a speaker who has a book or a blog or is active in online social media communities, I keep that connection going. We collaborate.  When I meet a fellow HR pro from another part of the state we remain in contact and down the road can share ideas or insight with each other.  We collaborate.


Attending the LASHRM State Conference is not a terminal event for me; something to be crossed off my calendar with an attitude of “that was good/fun/interesting, now I can put it out of my mind until next year.”  Oh sure, I like the fact that I can receive HRCI re-certification credits.  I enjoy a stroll or two through the Expo Hall.  The afternoon refreshment break is always a  highlight as there is usually chocolate of some sort being served.

But the greater value for me at any conference is the opportunity it provides for conversation.  And collaboration.

Today’s post is by Robin Schooling, SPHR, who is a Vice President of HR in Baton Rouge.  She blogs at HR Schoolhouse and you can also find her hanging out at Women of HR and SHRM’s We Know Next blog.  Robin serves on the LASHRM State Conference Committee so does have a bit of skin-in-the-game for the success of the conference.