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Meet the #LASHRM12 Speakers – Laura Wolfe

Today’s guest post is by Laura Wolfe who will be presenting a session on Friday, April 27th.


If you have 3 minutes, sit back and relax and enjoy a wonderful, bluesy Bonnie Raitt tune called Trinkets. Saw her at the fest a few years ago and she’ll be back again this year.

Love the lyrics:

“Mom and daddies get a good idea what your babies want

To help ’em be happy…”

Change a few words and it’s smart advice for managers and supervisors – get a good idea what your valued employees want, To help ’em be happy…

Why? Because happy employees, positive employees, those in a good mood tend to be better than miserable employees at achieving some important outcomes. Science has found evidence this is the case. 🙂 Do you know what makes employees happy? Is it money, benefits, time, or the intrinsic stuff? I’ll share research, benchmarks and best practices for figuring this out.

Do you think much about the relationship between pay dispersion (pay differences within a group) and turnover? Or, whether a firm’s performance history is a factor in CEO pay decisions? I’ll throw in the latest on these questions too.

What else is new in the world of getting employees to produce at the top of their game? Recently saw this tidbit: praising for effort rather than outcome increases performance, task persistence and task enjoyment in students. Could it be the same for your employees? Do you consider or advise managers on how to praise employees?

And finally, I’m loving the work of Dan Pink, Carol Dweck and Teresa Amabile right about now.

This is the direction of my Louisiana SHRM session titled “Total Rewards and Motivation: Mistakes, Myths and What’s Working” which is scheduled for Friday morning of the conference. It is only the tip of the iceberg however, because as you know, total rewards’ relationship to motivation is a huge area of knowledge.  My challenge is culling out the most relevant and interesting for our discussion at Louisiana SHRM.

The goal is to present the latest thinking but I am pretty sure I can get some music, video and action into the session as well.  Here’s looking forward to a fabulous conference!


Laura Wolfe earned her MS and PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology from The University of Georgia in Athens and her BS in Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Administration from the University of New Orleans.  Prior to starting her own firm, she worked for LSU’s Rucks Department of Management, with periodic gigs as department undergrad advisor, faculty advisor for Sigma Iota Epsilon and SHRM at LSU adviser.  Follow her blog and hang out with her at Jazz Fest.